Trades in travel – P1 Wonderful Wisconsin

Recently had the opportunity to travel across the midwest for work and I came into some beautiful finds along the way. It was a long drive that I was splitting up by staying with family. That family member is also down to peruse the wares, so I had two solid days of buying before I would be mostly working and exhausted in a hotel for a few weeks. Needless to say, some amazing items were found in those days.

I have been a bit onto a roll with this whole professional collector thing, so that’s the reason that I’m even at this point… too young to ignore my social media instincts and too young to get myself into a shop at the moment. It works, I’m a low overhead type. So here we begin, the first stage of the wordpress for my collection.

The drive took me through Wisconsin, Illinois and minor parts of other US states. Wisconsin was magic. I finally stopped at a store I’ve been looking at from the highway for years, it was amazing. I’ll detail the shops individually. I like the idea of reviewing when I’m on vacation, doesn’t give up my local secrets. Here’s what I saw early in that day I will never forget.

I love thrift shops. The antique world isn’t too fond of the locale but our difference is partly because I’m so persistent. Maybe one day when I’m richer I won’t do thrift shops. Who knows!

Anyway, my first stop was at a thrift shop about 2 hours into the drive. I found a lot of cheap varied china, nothint mind-blowing but great bill payers. An atomic style set of bowls, some 1930s this and that. There’s plenty of room for a strong profit in each of them. Good start.

Making my way a tad further, I found a nice vintage vase made by a California potter at the pictured store and then I made my way to the shop by the highway. Picked up two nice pieces of Roseville, one bad piece and a damaged piece of Red Wing. Damage aside, the prices sure were right and two I plan to keep anyway. One will sell for far more than I paid for all four, nearly 20x the cost of the four. Good buy.

Magic happened outside the antique store by the highway. I went inside and I couldn’t believe it. Not only had I just bought some great stuff but this store was beautiful. It is one of my favorite shops in the world. As a dealer who is very interested in high quality wares, I was in heaven. In the middle of Northern Wisconsisn, there is an amazing museum of objects antique. Residing in the gymnasium of a school built during Woodrow Wilson’s presidency are glass cases full of American art pottery made in the midwest at the same time. The place is stunning. Roseville, Rookwood, Newcombe and so much more. I actually saw a Dakota School of Mines piece there. Next time I go by, I hope to buy it.

The unfortunate thing about my visit was that I was so jittery from all the good buys I had just made that I could not seriously focus. Had a good time with some of the inhouse dealers and then tookoff back on the road.

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