Profile: North Dakota School of Mines

North Dakota School of Mines is a rare pottery that was made in the early 20th century. It is a fringe collector-base that will pay handsomely for the pieces. I had the luxury of seeing one in person at a phenomenal antique store I was at not too long ago. This is the antique that the experts are looking for when they’re flipping over ceramics to see the underside.

Personally, I have no North Dakota School of Mines pottery. It’s a tragedy that I’ll correct someday when I have a better display to setup for my own objects. I have to say, these are some of the most beautiful pieces of thrown pottery I’ve ever seen. Most are well over the $300-400 range with the highest end values soaring into the tens of thousands. Here are some examples to get yourself familiar with this school that I’ve saved to boards on Pinterest. Many thanks to the users who have uploaded these images online for the world to see! Pinterest is a great place to learn more about antiques if you’re in an isolated area.

Here you can see the influences of the region coming into these early 20th century pieces. These pieces tend to use crisp colors sometimes using slight gradients to display a natural effect.

More natural styles from the North Dakota School of Mines.

Regional influences. Pieces like this with buffalo or wolves are some of the most desirable.

Starting to look a bit more like some of the other well known names at the time.

Overall, though, North Dakota School of Mines has one of the most unique styles of pottery. Living up in this region of the world as a collector, I am constantly reminded of the isolation that existed here even through the middle of the 20th century. This region over 100 years ago was a very different place.

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