Business is good.

Quick update.

Am trying to get into the habit or writing more frequently for this site. The Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook portions are all doing well, the blog could be doing better. Things are building together and its inspiring to watch. Needless to say, it’s a lot of work and each gets neglected from time to time. However, busy-ness away from social media typically means selling is going well, which it has been. I am getting close to moving beyond a hobbyist and onto launching my own branded site. Fun fun stuff.

For now, I’ve got some posts planned for the near future.

  1. Road trip: What’s left is a few shop profiles, more stories, an item profile or two. And a summary.
  2. More on ceramics; what are art deco ceramics is up next.
  3. Silver silver silver.
  4. Thoughts on the future of the antiques market.

Going to work on one of the items before I head out. Maybe it’ll be online!

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