Silver Silver Silver.

I like sterling silver. No, that may be an understatement. I love sterling silver. I’m not too sure whether it stems from the rich cultural history of the metal or that it has a solid price floor by weight but sterling silver is awesome. Someday I’ll be that old dude at the market with a case full of sterling silver objects. Not yet, but probably sooner rather than later.

This week has seen some amazing silver finds. It always shocks me what you can find mis or un-identified if you look enough. I will showcase some of my finds here. It started with the item below.

O la la I thought. Well underpriced and ready to go. Grabbed this 20th C sterling compact and continued on my way. Little did I expect it would get better and better.

Great! Some modern sterling designer jewelry! Love it when stuff like that shows up. Always a good hit with buyers despite its lack of true age. Not my favorite to sell, but they sell. So that’s a plus. Did I mention it got better?

Ooo. Now that’s really moving more towards a serious collector’s market. Scissors are a bit more interesting than a compact or a modern brooch. They have good stylizations on them and they have a maker’s mark that puts them at the early side of the 20th century, USA-made. Nice.

These sugar tongs are the real deal. They date to 1818 and are of the Georgian period. The silhouette of King George III sits below the other hallmarks. How they were left where I found them and immediately purchased them I do not know. I can only hope for more of those instances in the future!

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