Rare find: Late 18th / Early 19th Century Export China – Canton Export Porcelain

Well, here it is. It isn’t come too often that I come across things that I’m explicitly researching. It makes me wonder how long I’ll have to wait before I see something like this at this price again. A lot of research work remains to identify the order but this is something very special.


This is a beautiful small bowl from a larger service that I picked up recently. Because it was unidentified and damaged, it went a lot lower than something like this has any business being priced. There are deals to be had if you look!

How does one identify these? Well, with experience the eye begins to notice things. For the form, fineness of the porcelain and other features, I’d guess it’s somewhere between 1770-1820. With the crest on the front, this would have been a special order placed and then fulfilled by the old porcelain factories in and around Canton.

I’ve yet to make out the letters on the shield, but I’ll get there! There certainly does seem to be a coat of arms or family crest present but I’ve not seen any reference to a two-dove crest. We’ll see. Time and research will tell on that front.


I’ve been listening to some antiques podcasts recently that discuss antiques with esteemed collectors and one of the things that stood out was the recommendation to buy things that were damaged if they were rare enough. I believe this piece qualifies. Time will tell.

How badly was it broken? Bad. Somebody full on shattered this guy and it had to be put back together.


This is also a sign, though. It is likely that a piece of fine china worth repairing is a valuable one. I’d imagine the repair happened sometime in the late 19th or early 20th century but I’m not an expert on repair evaluations.

That’s the cool new addition to my collection! I’ll update once I’ve discovered the identity of the order. Now you know what a good chunk of my free time will be devoted towards! See you in the library.

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